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Generate an Index
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Update the Index
1 After making changes to your
document, click in the index.
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click the Update Index button.
Word updates the index to reflect
changes to the document that
have occurred since the original
index was generated.
Can I customize the layout of my index?
Yes. To use a custom layout, click the
Formats in the Index dialog box, choose
From Template , and click Modify . The Style
dialog box opens; click the index style you
want to change, and again click Modify .
Finally, select the desired options in the
Formatting section. If you want all documents
you create with the template to use this new
index style, choose All Documents Based on
the Template .
How do I edit index entries?
To edit an index entry, click the
Replace button in the Home tab,
type the contents of the XE field that
you need to replace in the Find
What field (for example, XE “John
Adams” ), type the replacement text
in the Replace With field (for
example, XE “Adams, John” ), and click Replace All . To
delete an index entry, select the XE field (including the
braces that surround it) and press Delete .
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