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Generate a Table of Contents
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Word generates a TOC.
To delete a TOC, click the
Table of
button and choose
Remove Table of
If you edit your document, you can update
your TOC to reflect the changes. To do so, click the
Update Table
button in the References tab’s Table
of Contents group and specify whether you want to
update page numbers only or the entire table.
Can I create a TOC from custom styles?
To generate a TOC from custom styles instead of Word’s predefined header styles, click the References
tab, click Table of Contents , and choose Insert Table of Contents . In the Table of Contents dialog box,
click Options (
). The Table of
Contents Options dialog box opens;
under Available Styles , locate the
toplevel heading style you applied to your
document; then type (
) in the
corresponding field to indicate that it
should appear in the TOC as a level-1
heading. Repeat for additional heading
styles, typing , , , and so on to 4
indicate their levels. Click OK to close
the Table of Contents Options dialog
box, and click OK again to close the
Table of Contents dialog box.
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