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Create a Bibliography
chapter 7
Adding Extra Touches
Generate the Bibliography
1 Click the spot in the document
where you want the bibliography
to appear (typically at the end).
2 Click the References tab.
3 Click the Bibliography button.
4 Choose one of the gallery
options to insert a predesigned
bibliography into your document.
Word inserts the bibliography.
To specify which style guide you want to
use, click the
in the Citations & Bibliography group, and choose a
style guide from the list that appears.
tab, click the
Can I reuse a source?
When you add a source to a
document, Word saves it for use in
subsequent documents. To reuse a
source from another document, click
the References tab and click
Manage Sources in the Citations &
Bibliography group. The Manage
Sources dialog box opens; under
Master List, click the citation you want
to add to your current document,
click Copy , and click Close .
What do I do if I do not have all the
information I need about a citation?
If you want to add a citation to your
document but you are missing some of the
required information, you can create a
placeholder. To do so, click the References
tab, click Insert Citation , and choose Add
New Placeholder . The Placeholder Name
dialog box opens; type a name for the placeholder. Later, add
citation information by opening the Manage Sources dialog
box, clicking the placeholder under Current List, clicking Edit ,
and entering the necessary information.
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