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Check Spelling and Grammar
chapter 8
Reviewing Documents
Word searches the document for any
mistakes. If it finds an error, it flags it
in the document and displays the
Spelling and Grammar dialog box.
3 Click Change to make a correction.
To correct all of the misspellings
of the same word, you can click
Change All .
To ignore the error one time, you can
click Ignore Once .
To ignore every occurrence, you can
click Ignore All or Ignore Rule .
When the spell check is complete, a
prompt box appears.
4 Click OK.
How do I turn the automatic spelling and grammar
checking off?
To turn off the automatic checking features, follow these steps:
1 Click the File tab and then click Options .
2 In the Word Options dialog box, click the Proofing tab.
3 Under the When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word options,
click to deselect Check spelling as you type .
4 Click to deselect Mark grammar errors as you type .
5 Click OK to exit the Word Options dialog box.
Word turns off the automatic checking features.
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