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Work with AutoCorrect
chapter 8
Reviewing Documents
The Word Options dialog box
3 Click Proofing .
4 Click AutoCorrect Options .
The AutoCorrect dialog box appears,
displaying the AutoCorrect tab.
5 Type a common misspelling in the
Replace text field.
6 Type the correct spelling in the With
text field.
7 Click Add .
AutoCorrect adds the word to the list.
8 Click OK to exit the AutoCorrect
dialog box.
9 Click OK to exit the Word Options
dialog box.
The next time you misspell the word,
AutoCorrect corrects it for you.
If AutoCorrect corrects text that you do not want
to be changed, press
to undo the change.
How do I remove or edit a
word from the AutoCorrect
Open the AutoCorrect dialog box
as shown in this section with the
AutoCorrect tab shown; then click
the word you want to remove and
click Delete . To edit a word, click it
in the list and make your change in
the Replace or With text field.
Click OK to close the dialog box and apply your changes.
Can I customize how the
AutoCorrect feature works?
Yes. Open the AutoCorrect dialog box,
display the AutoCorrect tab, and select
or deselect the check boxes as needed.
To prevent AutoCorrect from replacing
text as you type, deselect the Replace
text as you type check box. Click OK to
close the dialog box and apply your
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