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Use Word’s Thesaurus and Dictionary
Use Word’s Thesaurus
and Dictionary
If you are having trouble finding just the right
word or phrase, you use Word’s thesaurus to find
synonyms as well as antonyms. Word also includes
a dictionary, which you can use to look up
unfamiliar words in a document. You access
these tools from within Word’s Research
pane; this pane also offers access to Word’s
translation tools and other reference-based
Use Word’s Thesaurus and Dictionary
Use Word’s Thesaurus
1 Select the word for which you
want to find a synonym.
2 Click the Review tab on the
3 Click the Thesaurus button.
The Research task pane opens,
displaying suggested replacements
for the selected word.
4 In the Research pane, position your
mouse pointer over the word you
want to use as a replacement.
5 Click the that appears.
6 Click Insert .
Word replaces the word you
selected in your document with the
one you chose in the Research
Click the Close button (
) to close
the pane.
Another way to replace text with a synonym is
to right-click the word you want to replace; Word
displays a context menu from which you can choose
the desired replacement text.
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