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Chapter 9: Building Spreadsheets
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
Type Data in the Formula Bar
1 Click the cell into which you want
to enter data.
2 Click in the Formula bar.
3 Type your data.
The data appears both in the
Formula bar and in the cell.
4 Click Enter (
) or press
to enter the data.
To cancel an entry, you can click
Cancel (
) or press
What if the data
that I type is too
long to fit in my
Long text entries
appear truncated if
you type additional
data into adjoining
cells. You can remedy
this by resizing the
column to fit the data,
or by turning on the cell’s text wrap feature, which
wraps the text to fit in the cell and remain visible.
Text wrapping causes the cell depth to increase. To
learn how to resize columns, see the “Resize
Columns and Rows” section. To learn how to turn
on the text wrap feature, see the “Turn On Text
Wrapping” section.
When I start typing
in a cell, Excel tries
to fill in the text for
me. Why?
Excel’s AutoComplete
feature is automatic. If
you repeat an entry from
anywhere in the same
column, AutoComplete
attempts to complete
the entry for you, based
on the first few letters that you type. If the
AutoComplete entry is correct, press , and
Excel fills in the text for you. If not, just keep typing
the text that you want to insert into the cell. The
AutoComplete feature is just one of many Excel
tools that help you speed up your data-entry tasks.
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