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Select Cells
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
Select a Column or Row
1 Position the mouse pointer over
the header of the column or row
that you want to select.
changes to
2 Click the column or row.
Excel selects the entire column or
To select multiple columns or
rows, you can click and drag
across the column or row
You can select multiple
noncontiguous columns or
rows by pressing and holding
while clicking column
or row headings.
How do I select data
inside a cell?
To select a word or number
inside a cell, first click the
cell. Then, click in front of the
data in the Formula bar and
drag over the characters or
numbers that you want to
select. You can also select data directly in a cell;
click the cell to select it, and then double-click the
data you want to select.
How do I use my
keyboard to select
You can use the arrow
keys to navigate to the first
cell in the range. Next,
press and hold
while using an arrow key
to select the range, such as
or . Excel selects any cells that you move
over using the keyboard navigation keys.
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