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Faster Data Entry with AutoFill
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
AutoFill a Number Series
1 Type the first entry in the number
2 In an adjacent cell, type the next
entry in the number series.
3 Select both cells.
See the “Select Cells” section to learn more.
4 Click and drag the fill handle
across or down the number of
cells that you want to fill.
The changes to .
5 Release the mouse button.
AutoFill fills in the number series.
An AutoFill smart tag ( ) may
appear, offering additional options
that you can assign to the data.
How do I create a custom list?
To add your own custom list to AutoFill’s list library, first create the custom list in your worksheet cells.
Then follow these steps:
1 Select the cells containing the
list that you want to save
(here, a list of names).
2 Click the File tab and then
click the Options button.
3 In the Options dialog box, click
the Advanced tab.
4 Click the Edit Custom Lists
The Custom Lists dialog box
opens with the list you
selected highlighted.
5 Click Import .
Excel adds the series to the
custom lists.
6 Click OK.
7 Click OK again to close the
Options dialog box.
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