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Turn On Text Wrapping
Turn On Text
By default, long lines of data that you type into a
cell remain on one line. You can turn on the cell’s
text-wrapping option to make data wrap to the next
line and fit into the cell without truncating the data.
Text wrapping makes the row size taller to fit the
number of lines that wrap.
Turn On Text Wrapping
1 Click the cell that you want to edit.
You can also apply text wrapping to multiple cells.
See the “Select Cells” section, earlier in this chapter, to
learn how to select multiple cells for a task.
2 Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click the Wrap Text button (
Excel applies text wrapping to the cell.
See the section “Resize Columns and Rows” to
learn how to adjust cell depth and width to accommodate
your data.
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