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Change Number Formats
Change Number
You can use number formatting to control the
appearance of numerical data in your worksheet.
For example, if you have a column of prices, you
format the data as numbers with dollar signs and
decimal points. Excel offers several different number
categories, or styles, to choose from. You can apply
number formatting to single cells, ranges, columns,
rows, or an entire worksheet.
Change Number Formats
1 Select the cell, range, or data that
you want to format.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Number Format
4 Click a number format.
Excel applies the number format to
the data.
Click the Accounting Number
Format button ( ) to quickly apply
dollar signs to your data. Click the
button’s down arrow to specify a
different currency, such as Euro.
To quickly apply percent signs to
your data, click the Percent Style
button (
To quickly apply commas to your
number data, click the Comma
Style button (
Click the corner group button ( )
to open the Format Cells dialog box,
with more number-formatting
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