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Add Borders
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
Create Custom Borders
1 Select the cells that you want to
2 Click the Home tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click the next to the Borders
button ( ).
4 Click More Borders .
The Format Cells dialog box
appears with the Border tab
5 Click the type of border that you
want to add.
Click here to assign a preset style.
You can use these settings to
select a different border line style
and color.
You can click multiple border
buttons to create a custom border.
The Preview area displays a
sample of the selections.
6 Click OK.
Excel applies the border.
How do I turn worksheet
gridlines on and off?
The Excel work area contains
a grid, but this grid does not
print. To see how your data
will look when printed, you
can hide the grid. Click the
Page Layout tab and, in the
Sheet Options group, deselect
the View check box under Gridlines . Note that
you can also turn the gridlines on or off for
printing via the Print check box under Gridlines .
How do I add color inside
my worksheet cells?
You can click the next
to the Home tab’s Fill Color
button ( ) to display a
palette of fill colors. When
you select a color from the
palette, the cell’s background
changes to the color you
chose. Avoid picking a color
that makes it difficult to read your cell data.
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