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Add Columns and Rows
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
Add a Row
1 Click the heading of the row
below where you want to insert a
new row.
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Insert .
4 Click Insert Sheet Rows .
You can also right-click a row
heading and click Insert .
Excel adds a row.
A smart tag icon ( ) may
appear, and you can click the icon
to view a list of options that you
can assign.
Can I insert multiple
columns and rows?
Yes. First, select two or
more columns and rows in
the worksheet and then
activate the Insert
command as shown in this
section. Excel adds the
same number of new
columns and rows as the number you originally
selected. You can also right-click the selected
columns or rows, and then click Insert to insert
multiple columns or rows into your worksheet.
Can I insert columns or
rows using the Insert
dialog box?
Yes. Click a cell, click the
Insert on the Home
tab, and click Insert Cells
to open the Insert dialog
box. You can then click the
Entire Row or Entire
Column options. When you
click OK to exit the dialog box, Excel adds a
single row or column above or to the left of the
active cell.
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