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Freeze a Column or Row
chapter 9
Freeze a Column
or Row
Building Spreadsheets
You can freeze a column or row to keep the labels in view
as you scroll through larger worksheets. You cannot scroll
the area that you freeze, but you can scroll the unfrozen
areas of the worksheet.
Freeze a Column or Row
1 Click the cell to the right of the
column or below the row that you
want to freeze.
2 Click the View tab on the Ribbon.
3 Click the Freeze Panes
4 Click Freeze Panes .
You can also choose to freeze a
row of column headings or a
column of row titles.
Excel freezes the areas above
or to the left of the selected cell
(depending on whether you are
scrolling up and down or left and
To unlock the columns and rows,
click the Freeze Panes , and
then click Unfreeze Panes .
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