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Name a Range
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
Go to a Range
1 Click the Name .
2 Click the name of the range of
cells to which you want to move.
1 2
Excel selects the cells in the range.
Are there any rules for
naming ranges?
Yes. Range names must start with
a letter or an underscore ( _ ) or
backslash ( \ ). After that, you can
use any character, uppercase or
lowercase, or any punctuation or
keyboard symbols, with the
exception of a hyphen or space. Because neither
hyphens nor spaces are allowed in range names, you
can substitute them with a period or underscore.
How do I edit a range
You can use the Name Manager
feature to make changes to
your range names. To display
the Name Manager, click the
Name Manager button on the
Formulas tab. You can edit
existing range names, change the cells referenced
by a range, or remove ranges to which you no
longer need names assigned in the worksheet.
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