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Delete Data or Cells
chapter 9
Building Spreadsheets
The Delete dialog box appears.
5 Click a deletion option.
6 Click OK.
Excel removes the cells and their
content from the worksheet.
Other cells shift over or up to fill
the void of any cells that you
remove from your worksheet.
How do I delete a whole column
or row?
If you no longer need a column or
row in your worksheet, you can
delete it. When you do, Excel deletes
any existing data within the selected
column or row, as well as moving
subsequent columns or rows to fill
the space left by the deletion. To
delete a column or row, click its
heading to select it; then click the
Delete button in the Home tab.
Can I remove a cell’s formatting
without removing the content?
Yes. To do so, select the cell or cells
that you want to edit and click the
Home tab on the Ribbon. Click the
Clear button ( ). A submenu appears;
click Clear Formats to remove all of
the formatting in the cell. Click Clear
Contents to remove all of the cell’s
data. Click Clear Comments to remove any comments
assigned to the cell. Click Clear Hyperlinks to remove any
hyperlinks from the cell. To remove all formatting, contents,
and comments at the same time, click Clear All .
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