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Change Page Setup Options
chapter 10
Worksheet Basics
Insert a Page Break
1 Select the row above which you
want to insert a page break.
2 Click the Page Layout tab on the
3 Click the Breaks button.
4 Click Insert Page Break .
Excel inserts a page break.
Excel marks the edge of the page
with a dotted line.
How do I define a print area?
If you want to print only a
portion of a worksheet, you can
define a print area. This prevents
Excel from printing the entire
worksheet every time you print.
To do so, select the cells that you
want to define as the print area,
click the Page Layout tab on the Ribbon, click the
Print Area button, and click Set Print Area . Excel
defines the print area.
How do I print a
spreadsheet with
By default, the gridlines that
you see on a worksheet do
not print with the cell data.
To turn on gridlines for
printing purposes, simply
select the Print check box under Gridlines on
the Page Layout tab. A check mark in the check
box indicates that the feature is on.
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