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Move and Copy Worksheets
Move and Copy
You can move a worksheet within a workbook to
rearrange the worksheet order. For example, you
may want to position the worksheet that you use
most often as the first worksheet in the
workbook. In addition to moving worksheets
within a workbook, you can copy them. You
might copy a worksheet to use it as a starting
point for data that is new, yet similar.
Move and Copy Worksheets
1 Click the tab of the worksheet that
you want to move or copy.
2 Move or copy the worksheet to
the desired spot.
To move the worksheet, drag it
to a new position in the list of
worksheets. (The
To copy the worksheet, press
and hold and drag the
worksheet copy to a new
position in the list of worksheets.
changes to
A small black triangle icon keeps
track of the worksheet’s location
in the group while you drag.
3 Release the mouse button.
Excel moves or copies the
worksheet. (Here, the worksheet
was moved.)
Excel names worksheet copies sequentially
with a number, starting with (2), after the
worksheet name.
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