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Sort Data
chapter 10
Worksheet Basics
Perform a Custom Sort
1 Click in the worksheet you want to
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Sort & Filter button.
4 Click Custom Sort .
The Sort dialog box appears.
5 Click the first Sort by and
select the primary field to sort by.
By default, the Sort On field is set
to Values. To sort on another
setting, you can click the Sort On
and choose a setting.
6 Click the Order to sort the
field in ascending or descending
To specify additional sort fields,
click Add Level and repeat Steps
and .
7 Click OK.
Excel sorts the data.
What are database tables?
A database is a list of related
information; each entry in the list
is called a record . You can create
a variety of database lists in Excel
to manage sales contacts,
inventory, household valuables,
and more. An entire list is called a
table . Tables contain fields — typically columns — to
break the list into manageable pieces. Rows contain
each record in your list of data.
Can I sort data in
Yes. If the data is across a
row rather than down a
column, you can activate
the Sort left to right
option. To do so, open
the Sort dialog box as
shown in this section, and click the Options
button. In the Sort Options dialog box that
appears, click Sort left to right .
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