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Track and Review Worksheet Changes
chapter 10
Worksheet Basics
Excel prompts you to save the
6 Click OK.
Excel activates the tracking
7 Edit your worksheet.
Excel highlights any cells that
contain changes.
To view details about a change,
position the mouse pointer over
the highlighted cell.
What does the Share Workbook feature do?
The Share Workbook feature enables multiple users to work
in a workbook at the same time. You use the Advanced tab of
the Share Workbook dialog box to change various Share
Workbook settings, such as when files are updated to reflect
one user’s changes and what should happen when changes
made by two or more users conflict. You can also use this
dialog box to remove a user from the shared workbook (click
the Editing tab to access this option). To open this dialog
box, click the Share Workbook button on the Ribbon.
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