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Track and Review Worksheet Changes
chapter 10
Worksheet Basics
The Select Changes to Accept or
Reject dialog box appears.
5 Click options for which changes
you want to view.
6 Click OK.
The Accept or Reject Changes
dialog box appears.
7 Specify an action for each edit.
You can click Accept to add the
change to the final worksheet.
To reject the change, you can click
Reject .
You can click one of these options
to accept or reject all of the
changes at the same time.
To turn off Track Changes, click the
tab, click the
Track Changes
button, and choose
Highlight Changes
. In the Highlight Changes
dialog box, deselect the
Track changes while
check box and click
Can I password-protect workbooks I share?
Yes. To do so, you must first disable sharing. Click the Share
Workbook button in the Review tab to open the Share
Workbook dialog box; then, in the Editing tab, deselect the
Allow Changes by More Than One User at the Same Time
check box and click OK. Excel prompts you to confirm that
you no longer want to share the workbook; click OK again.
Next, password-protect the workbook by clicking Protect
Workbook in the Review tab; in the dialog box that appears,
type a password (
), click OK, retype the password, and click
OK again. Re-share the workbook by again clicking Share Workbook on the Ribbon, this time selecting
the check box you deselected earlier before clicking OK. Finally, click Protect Shared Workbook in the
Review tab. In the dialog box that appears, select the Sharing with track changes check box, type the
password you set in the Password field, click OK, retype the password, and click OK again.
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