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Insert a Comment
chapter 10
Worksheet Basics
Cells that contain comments
display a tiny red triangle in the
View a Comment
1 Position the mouse pointer over
the cell.
The comment balloon appears,
displaying the comment.
How do I remove a comment?
If you no longer want a comment
to appear in a worksheet, you can
remove it. To remove a comment,
right-click the cell containing the
comment. A shortcut menu
appears; click Delete Comment .
Excel removes the comment from
the cell. Alternatively, click the comment to select it
and click the Delete button in the Review tab’s
Comments area.
How do I view all the
comments in a worksheet?
If a worksheet contains several
comments, you can view them
one after another by clicking
the Next button in the Review
tab’s Comments area. To view
a comment you have already seen, click the
Previous button. Alternatively, display all
comments at once by clicking the Show All
Comments button.
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