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Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References
Apply Absolute and
Relative Cell References
Excel treats the location of the cells that you
include in formulas as relative rather than
absolute. This is called relative cell referencing .
For example, when you copy a formula to a new
location, the formula automatically adjusts using
relative cell addresses. If you want to include a
particular cell location no matter where the
formula appears, you can assign an absolute cell
reference . Absolute references are preceded with
dollar signs, as in =$D$2+E2.
Apply Absolute and Relative Cell References
Assign Absolute References
1 Click in the cell containing the
formula that you want to change.
2 Select the cell reference in the
Formula bar.
3 Press
You can also type dollar signs in the
Formula bar to make a reference absolute.
Excel enters dollar signs ($) before
each part of the cell reference,
making the cell reference absolute.
You can continue pressing to cycle
through mixed, relative, and absolute references.
4 Press
or click Enter (
Excel assigns the changes to the
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