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Apply a Function
chapter 11
Working with Formulas and Functions
The Function Arguments dialog
box appears.
7 Select the cells for each argument
required by the function.
If you select a cell or range of cells
directly in the worksheet, Excel
automatically adds the references
to the argument.
You can also type a range or cell
address (or range or cell name)
into the various text boxes.
The dialog box displays additional
information about the function
8 When you finish constructing the
arguments, click OK.
Excel displays the function results
in the cell.
The function appears in the
Formula bar.
Can I edit a function?
Yes. To edit a function,
click the cell containing
the function that you
want to edit; then click
the Insert Function
button in the Formulas
tab. Excel displays the
function’s Function
Arguments dialog box, where you can make
changes to the cell references or values as
How can I find help
with a particular
Click the Help on this
function link in either the
Insert Function or Function
Arguments dialog box to
access Excel’s help files to
find out more about the
function. The function help includes an example of
the function being used and tips about how to use
the function.
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