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Audit a Worksheet for Errors
chapter 11
Working with Formulas and Functions
Trace Errors
1 Click in the cell containing the
error that you want to trace.
2 Click the Formulas tab on the
3 Click the Error Checking
4 Click Trace Error .
Excel displays trace lines from the
current cell to any cells referenced
in the formula.
You can make changes to the cell
contents or changes to the
formula to correct the error.
Click the
Remove Arrows
button to turn
off the trace lines.
What kinds of error messages does Excel display for formula errors?
Different types of error values appear in cells when an error occurs:
The cell is not wide enough to contain the value
Increase the column width
Dividing by zero
Edit the cell reference or value of the denominator
Value is not available
Ensure that the formula references the correct value
Does not recognize text in a formula
Ensure that the name referenced is correct
Specifies two areas that do not intersect
Check for an incorrect range operator or correct the
intersection problem
Invalid numeric value
Check the function for an unacceptable argument
Invalid cell reference
Correct cell references
Wrong type of argument or operand
Double-check arguments and operands
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