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Add a Watch Window
chapter 11
Working with Formulas and Functions
The Add Watch dialog box appears.
4 Select the cell or range that you
want to watch.
You can also type the cell
5 Click Add .
You can add multiple cells to the watch
Excel adds the cells to the watch
window, including any values or
formulas within the cells.
If you scroll away from the
original cells, the watch window
continues to display the cell
To return to the original cell, you
can double-click the cell name.
6 Click the Close button (
) to
close the watch window.
How do I remove and
add cells in the watch
To remove a cell from the
watch window, click the cell
name, and then click the
Delete Watch button in the
watch window. Excel
removes the cell from the
window. You can add more
cells by clicking the Add
Watch button and selecting the cell that you want
to add to the window.
How can I move and
resize the watch
To move the watch
window, simply click and
drag the window’s title
bar. You can reposition the
window anywhere
on-screen. You can also
dock the window to appear with the toolbars at
the top of the Excel program window. To resize
the columns within the watch window, position
the mouse pointer over a column in the watch
window, and drag to resize the column.
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