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Chapter 12: Working with Charts
Create a
You can quickly convert your spreadsheet data
into easy-to-read charts, choosing from a wide
variety of chart types to suit your needs. Excel
makes it easy to determine exactly what type of
chart works best for your data. After you create a
chart, you can use the Chart Tools on the Ribbon
to fine-tune the chart to best display and explain
the data.
Create a Chart
1 Select the range of data that you
want to chart.
You can include any headings and
labels, but do not include
subtotals or totals.
2 Click the Insert tab on the
3 Click a chart type from the Charts
4 Click a chart style.
Excel creates a chart and places it
in the worksheet.
You can click the Design tab to
find tools for controlling design
elements in the chart, such as the
chart layout, style, and type.
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