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Chapter 12: Working with Charts
chapter 12
Working with Charts
You can click the Layout tab to
find tools for controlling how the
chart elements are positioned on
the chart.
You can click the Format tab to
find tools for formatting various
chart elements, including chart
text and shapes.
Can I select noncontiguous
data to include in a chart?
Yes. The cells that you select for a
chart do not have to be adjacent to
each other. To select noncontiguous
cells and ranges, select the first
range and then press and hold
How do I create an organizational
chart in Excel?
You can add an organizational chart to track
the hierarchy of an organization or method.
When you insert an organizational chart,
Excel creates four shapes to which you can
add your own text. You can add additional
shapes and branches to the chart as
needed. To create an organizational chart,
click the Insert tab on the Ribbon, and then click
the SmartArt button.
while selecting additional ranges
that you want to include.
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