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Move and Resize Charts
chapter 12
Working with Charts
Move a Chart
1 Click an empty area of the chart.
Excel selects the chart and
surrounds it with handles.
2 Position the mouse pointer over
an empty area of the chart.
changes to
3 Click and drag the chart to a new
location on the worksheet.
A frame appears, representing the
chart as you move it on the
4 Release the mouse button.
Excel moves the chart.
Can I move a chart to its
own worksheet?
Yes. Select the chart, click the
Design tab on the Ribbon,
and click the Move Chart
button. This opens the Move
Chart dialog box. Click the
New Sheet option and click
OK. Excel adds a new
worksheet to the workbook and places the chart
on the worksheet.
How do I delete a chart that I no longer
To remove an embedded chart, simply select the
chart and press Delete . Excel removes the chart
from the worksheet. If your chart appears on its
own worksheet, you can delete the worksheet —
and the chart along with it — by right-clicking the
worksheet’s tab in the bottom left corner of the
screen and clicking Delete . When Excel asks you
to confirm the deletion, click Delete .
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