Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 1: Office Basics
chapter 1
Office Basics
Exit an Office Application
1 Click the Close button (
You can also click the File tab and
then click Exit .
If you have not yet saved your
work, the program prompts you
to do so before exiting.
2 Click Save .
The program window closes.
If you click Don’t Save , the
program closes without saving
your data.
If you click Cancel , the program
window remains open.
Can I create a shortcut icon for an
Office application?
Yes. You can create a shortcut icon that
appears on the Windows desktop. Whenever
you want to open the program, you can
simply double-click the shortcut icon. Follow
these steps to create a shortcut icon:
1 Right-click over a blank area of the desktop
and click New and then Shortcut .
The Create Shortcut dialog box appears.
2 Click Browse , navigate to the Office program,
click the filename, and click OK.
3 Click Next .
4 Type a name for the shortcut.
5 Click Finish .
The new shortcut icon appears on the desktop.
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