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Chapter 13: Creating a Presentation
ch apter 13
Creating a Presentation
You can change the picture order
using these buttons.
To remove a picture, you can click
it in the Pictures in Album list and
then click Remove .
You can use the tool buttons to
change the picture orientation,
contrast, and brightness levels.
8 Click Create .
PowerPoint creates the slide show
as a new presentation file.
The first slide in the show is a title slide,
containing the title “Photo Album” and your
user name.
Can I fit multiple pictures onto a
single slide?
Yes. By default, PowerPoint displays one
picture per slide, but you can use the
Picture Layout setting in the Photo
Album dialog box to display as many as
four, with or without title text. You can
also control the shape of the image (via
the Frame Shape drop-down list) and
add a background theme to the slide (click the Browse
button next to the Theme field).
Can I add captions to my photos?
Yes. To add captions below images,
click to select the Captions Below All
Pictures check box in the Photo Album
dialog box. (If this option is grayed out,
choose a different layout option from
the Picture Layout drop-down list.)
Alternatively, add a text slide after each
photo slide by clicking the New Text
Box button. Type your text after closing
the Photo Album dialog box.
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