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Change PowerPoint Views
Change PowerPoint
You can use PowerPoint’s views to change
how your presentation appears on-screen. By
default, PowerPoint displays your presentation
in Normal view, with the Slides tab showing
the order of slides in your presentation. You
can view the Outline tab to see your
presentation in an outline format, or switch to
Slide Sorter view to see all the slides at the
same time.
Change PowerPoint Views
Use Outline View
1 While in Normal view, click the
Outline tab.
PowerPoint displays the
presentation in an outline format.
You can click the outline text to
edit it.
You can click a slide icon to view
the slide.
Use Slides View
1 Click the Slides tab.
PowerPoint displays the current
slide in the presentation.
To view a particular slide, you can
click the slide in the Slides tab.
To close the tabs pane entirely
and free up on-screen workspace,
you can click the
To redisplay the tabs pane, you can click the
tab on the Ribbon, and then click the
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