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Create a Custom Layout
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Creating a Presentation
PowerPoint inserts a new layout
that you can customize to suit
your needs.
4 Click the bottom half of the Insert
Placeholder button.
5 Click a slide object type.
6 Click and drag to set the object’s
size and placement.
You can add more elements.
You can delete an object on the
slide by selecting it and clicking
the Delete button or pressing
Delete .
A quick way to delete the title and footer
placeholders that appear in each new layout by
default is to deselect the Title and Footers check
boxes in the Slide Master tab’s Master Layout
7 Click the Close Master View
button to close Slide Master view.
How do I apply my custom layout?
When you create a custom layout, you apply it to a slide the same way you
do any predefined PowerPoint layout: by clicking the Home tab, clicking the
Layout button, and choosing the layout from the list that appears (
), as
outlined in the preceding section.
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