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Change the Font, Size, and Color
ch apter 14
Populating Presentation Slides
Change the Size
1 Select the text that you want to
2 Click the Home tab on the
3 Click the Font Size
4 Click a size.
PowerPoint applies the font size
you chose to the selected text.
Is there a quicker way
to change the text size?
Yes. To quickly increase or
decrease the font size, you
can select the text you
want to change and then
click the Increase Font
Size ( ) or Decrease
Font Size ( ) button in
the Home tab’s Font group as many times as
needed until the text is the desired size.
Can I change the font
Yes. Simply select the text
whose style you want to
change, and then click the
Bold button ( ) to make the
text bold, the Italic button ( )
to italicize the text, the Underline button ( ) to
underline the text, the Shadow button ( ) to add
a shadow effect, or the Strikethrough button (
to draw a line through the text.
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