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Apply a Theme
Apply a
PowerPoint includes a variety of designs, called
themes, which enable you to give every slide in your
presentation the same look and feel. Alternatively,
you can apply a theme to selected slides in your
presentation. Themes include preset fonts, colors,
and backgrounds.
Apply a Theme
1 Click the Design tab on the
You can scroll through the
available themes and click the
More button ( ) to view the
full palette of themes.
2 Right-click a theme from the
Themes group.
3 Choose Apply to All Slides to
apply the theme to the entire
To apply the theme to selected slides, you
must first select the slides to which you want to
apply the theme in the Slides pane and then choose
Apply to Selected Slides
in Step . You will 3
learn more about the Slides pane in the next
PowerPoint applies the theme.
Any slides you add will use the
same theme.
You can use these controls to
customize various aspects of the
theme, such as color and font.
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