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Add a Chart to a Slide
ch apter 14
Populating Presentation Slides
PowerPoint displays a sample of
the chart type on the slide.
The Excel program window opens.
5 Replace the placeholder data with
the chart data that you want to
You can press
to move from
cell to cell.
The chart is updated to reflect the
data you enter.
6 Click the Close button (
) to
close the Excel window.
7 Click in the chart.
PowerPoint displays the Chart
Tools tabs on the Ribbon.
8 Click the Design tab.
To edit the chart data, click the
Edit Data button.
Click a Chart Styles button to
change the chart style.
Can I insert an existing
Excel chart into my
PowerPoint slide?
Yes. You can use the Copy
and Paste commands to
copy an Excel chart and
insert it into a PowerPoint
slide. You can also link and
embed an Excel chart. To
learn more about copying and
pasting data between Office programs, see Chapter 2.
How do I make changes to my chart
As mentioned, when you click a chart in a
PowerPoint slide, the Ribbon displays a
collection of Chart Tools tabs. The Design tab
contains options for changing the chart layout
and style. The Layout tab offers tools for
changing individual elements on the chart,
such as the axis or legend. The Format tab
includes tools for changing fill colors and
shape styles.
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