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Resize a Slide Object
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Resize a
Slide Object
Populating Presentation Slides
You can resize any slide element, or object , to make it larger
or smaller on the slide. For example, you can resize a text
box to make room for more text, or resize a picture object
to enlarge the artwork.
Resize a Slide Object
1 Click the slide object that you want to resize
to select it.
PowerPoint surrounds the object box with
2 Position your mouse pointer over a handle.
The changes to .
3 Click and drag the handle inward or
outward to resize the slide object.
Drag a corner handle to resize the object’s
height and width at the same time.
Drag a side handle to resize the object only
along the one side.
4 Release the mouse button.
PowerPoint resizes the object.
5 Click outside the slide object to deselect it.
To delete a slide object that you no longer need, select
the object and press Delete .
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