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Reuse a Slide
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Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
The Browse dialog box opens.
7 Locate and select the presentation
containing the slide you want to
8 Click Open .
PowerPoint populates the Reuse
Slides pane with slides in the
presentation you selected.
9 Click the slide you want to reuse.
PowerPoint adds the slide to your
Can I retain the reused slide’s
original formatting?
Yes. When you reuse a slide,
PowerPoint updates the slide to
match the formatting used in the
new presentation. If you want the
reused slide to retain its original
formatting, select the Keep Source
Formatting check box in the Reuse Slides pane. You can
also change all the slides in the presentation to match
the reused slide by right-clicking the slide in the Reuse
Slides pane and choosing Apply Theme to All Slides .
How do I reuse all
the slides in a
To reuse all the slides
in a presentation,
right-click any one
slide in the Reuse
Slides pane and
choose Insert All Slides from the menu
that appears. PowerPoint inserts all the
slides from the existing presentation into
the new presentation.
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