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Organize Slides into Sections
Organize Slides
into Sections
If your presentation has a large number of
slides, keeping it organized can be difficult. To
make it easier to manage your slides, you can
organize them into sections. For example, you
might group all the slides that will be displayed
during your introductory speech into a section
called “Introduction,” place the slides that
pertain to your first topic of discussion into a
section called “Topic 1,” and so on.
Organize Slides into Sections
1 Click the slide that marks the
beginning of the section you want
to create.
2 Click the Home tab.
3 Click the Section button.
4 Choose Add Section .
PowerPoint adds a section marker
before the slide you selected,
adding all slides below the marker
to the section.
5 Right-click the section marker.
6 Choose Rename Section .
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