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Define Slide Transitions
Define Slide
You can add transition effects, such as fades,
dissolves, and wipes, to your slides to control
how one slide segues to the next. You control
the speed of the transition to appear fast or slow.
You can also specify how PowerPoint advances the
slides, either manually or automatically. Take note:
You must use good judgment when assigning
transitions. Using too many different types of
transitions may detract from your presentation.
Define Slide Transitions
1 In Slide Sorter view, click the slide
to which you want to apply a
2 Click the Transitions tab on the
You can scroll through the
available transition effects and
click the More button ( ) to view
all of the transition effects.
3 Click a transition.
PowerPoint displays a preview of
the transition effect.
PowerPoint adds an animation
icon (
) below the slide.
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