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Define Slide Transitions
ch apter 15
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
4 Click the Duration to specify a
speed setting for the transition.
You can click Apply To All to
apply the same transition to the
entire slide show.
5 Under Advance Slide, click an
advance option.
To use a mouse click to move to
the next slide, select the On
Mouse Click check box.
To move to the next slide
automatically, select the After
check box and use the
specify a duration.
How do I remove a
transition effect?
To remove a transition effect,
first select the slide
containing the transition that
you want to remove in Slide
Sorter view. Then click the
Transitions tab and click the
None option in the Transition to This Slide group.
PowerPoint removes the transition that you
assigned, returning the slide to the default state.
What does the sound
option do?
You can assign sounds as
transition effects with your slides.
For example, you might assign
the Applause sound effect for
the first or last slide in a
presentation. To assign a sound
transition, click the Sound in the Transitions tab’s
Timing group and select a sound. PowerPoint
previews the sound with the slide transition.
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