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Add Animation Effects
Add Animation
You can use PowerPoint’s animation
effects to add even more visual interest to
your presentation. There are four types of
animation effects: entrance effects, emphasis
effects, exit effects, and motion paths. You can
add any of these effects to any slide element,
such as a text box or a picture. You can also
edit your animations. To avoid overwhelming
your audience, limit effects to slides in which
they will make the most impact.
Add Animation Effects
Add a Simple Animation Effect
1 In Normal view, click the slide element to
which you want to apply an animation.
You can assign an animation to any object
on a slide, including text boxes, shapes,
and pictures.
2 Click the Animations tab.
You can scroll through the available
animation effects and click the More
button (
) to view all of the animation
You can also click the Add Animation
button to view available animation effects.
3 Click an animation effect.
PowerPoint applies the effect and previews
the effect on the slide.
You can click the Preview button to
preview the effect again.
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