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Add Animation Effects
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Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
Edit an Animation
1 In Normal view, click the slide
element containing the animation
you want to edit.
2 Click the Animations tab on the
3 Click the Effect Options button.
A list of editing options for the
animation appears.
4 Select an option from the list.
2 3
PowerPoint applies the change
and previews the effect on the
How do I access additional animations?
To access even more animations, click the Add
Animation button in the Custom Animation
group or the More button ( ) in the
Animation group and choose More Entrance
Effects , More Emphasis Effects , More Exit
Effects , or More Motion Paths from the
menu that appears. A dialog box opens,
displaying additional animation options; select
the desired option, and then click OK.
Can I copy an effect to another slide object?
Yes. PowerPoint’s Animation Painter feature enables
you to copy an effect applied to one slide object to
another slide object. To do so, select the slide object
whose effect you want to copy; then, in the Animations
tab’s Advanced Animation group, click the Animation
Painter button. Next, in the Slides tab, click the slide
containing the object to which you want to apply the
effect to display it; then click the object. PowerPoint
copies the effect to the slide object.
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