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Create a Custom Animation
ch apter 15
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
5 To add your next building block,
click the Add Animation button
in the Advanced Animation group.
When applying multiple animation effects to
a slide object, you must use the Add Animation
button instead of choosing an effect from the
Animation group. Otherwise, the new effect will
overwrite the existing one.
6 Click an effect.
PowerPoint adds the effect to the
Animation pane.
7 Repeat Steps and to add more 6
building blocks.
PowerPoint places each effect in
the Animation pane, in the order
you added them.
8 To preview your custom effect,
click Play .
PowerPoint plays back your
custom animation.
9 To change the order in which
effects are played back, click
an effect.
0 Click the Re-Order buttons
( or ) to move the selected
effect up or down in the list.
0 0
How do I remove an animation effect?
To remove an animation effect, first select
the slide element containing the effect that
you want to remove. Then click the
Animations tab and, in the Animation group,
click No Animation . PowerPoint removes the
animation. If you assigned custom effects,
click the Animation Pane button to display
the Animation pane, click the effect that you
want to remove, click the
Can I change the duration of an
Yes. To change the duration of an
effect, select the slide element
containing the effect. Then, in the
Animation pane, click the effect whose
duration you want to change. Click the
that appears and choose Timing ; a dialog box opens,
enabling you to set the duration of the effect, how many
times it should repeat, whether there should be a delay
before the effect launches, and more.
that appears,
and click Remove .
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