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Record Narration
If your presentation needs narration, you
can use PowerPoint’s Record Narration
feature to record a narration track to go a
long with the show. If your computer has a
microphone, you can record a narration for
your presentation; PowerPoint saves it along
with the presentation file. When you finish
recording, an audio icon appears at the
bottom of each slide to which you have
assigned narration.
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Record Narration
1 Click the Slide Show tab on the
2 Click Record Slide Show .
The Record Slide Show dialog box
Make sure the Narrations and
laser pointer check box is
3 Click Start Recording .
PowerPoint starts the show, and
you can begin talking into the
computer’s microphone to record
your narration.
Click to move to the next slide
in the show.
to pause the recording.
Click to start over on the
current slide.
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