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Set Up a Slide Show
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Set Up a
Slide Show
Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
You can set up how you want your presentation to run.
For example, you can specify whether it should loop
continuously, be played back in full, be shown without
narration or animations, and more. If the presentation will
be presented by a speaker (rather than, for example, run at
a kiosk), you can choose a pen color and a laser pointer
color; the speaker can then use his or her mouse pointer to
draw on or point to slides.
Set Up a Slide Show
1 Click the Slide Show tab on the
2 Click Set Up Slide Show .
The Set Up Show dialog box
3 Set any options that you want to
assign to the show.
The Show Type settings specify
how the slide show is presented.
The Show Options settings control
looping, narration, and animation.
The Show Slides settings specify
which slides appear in the show.
The Advance Slides settings specify
how each slide advances.
If your system has multiple
monitors, you can use the Multiple
Monitors settings to specify which
monitor to use for your
4 Click OK.
PowerPoint assigns the new
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