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Run a Slide Show
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Assembling and Presenting a Slide Show
To view a menu of slide show
commands, click
You can pause the show by
clicking the Pause command.
You can end the show early by
clicking the End Show command.
You can end a slide show at any time by
4 When the slide show is complete,
click anywhere on the screen.
PowerPoint closes the
Can I draw on my slides as I present the show?
Yes. You can use PowerPoint’s pointer options to draw
directly on the screen using the mouse pointer. You
can choose from several pen tools and colors. Follow
these steps:
1 During the slide show, click the Pen button (
2 Click a pen style.
You can click here to choose a pen color.
3 Click and drag to draw on the slide.
To erase your markings, press
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