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Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
chapter 1
Office Basics
5 Click the command that you want
to add to the toolbar.
6 Click the Add button.
Office adds the command.
You can repeat Steps and to 6
move additional buttons to the
7 Click OK.
The new command appears on
the Quick Access toolbar.
How do I remove a
button from the
Quick Access toolbar?
To remove a command,
reopen the program’s
Options dialog box by
following the steps in
this section, click the
command name in the
list box on the right, click
the Remove button, and
click OK. The button no
longer appears on the toolbar.
Are there other ways
to customize the
Quick Access toolbar?
Yes. You can add
commands to the
toolbar directly from the
Ribbon. Simply click the
tab containing the
command that you want
to add, right-click the
command, and then click
Add to Quick Access Toolbar . The command is
immediately added as a button on the toolbar.
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