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Part V: Access
Access is a robust database
program you can use to
store and manage large
quantities of data. You can
use Access to manage
anything from a home
inventory to a giant
warehouse of products.
Access can help you
organize your information
into tables, speed up data
entry with forms, and
perform powerful analysis
using filters and queries. In
this part, you learn how to
build and maintain a
database file, add tables,
create forms, and analyze
your data using filters,
sorting, and queries.
Na m e: S al fly 53 9
A dd r e ss : 28 R ob o t R d ., D ro id , A I.
P h on e # : (4 60 ) 2 yz -8 9z 1
N a m e : S a ll y 5 4 0
A d d r e ss : 2 9 R o b o t R d ., D r oi d , A I .
P h o n e # : ( 4 60 ) 2 y z8 9 z2
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