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Chapter 16: Database Basics
chapter 16
Database Basics
Database Basics
Records and Fields
Every entry that you make in an Access table is called
a record . Records always appear as rows in a
database table. You can organize the information for
each record in a separate column, called a field . For
example, in a client contact list, you might include
fields for first name, last name, company name, title,
address, city, ZIP code, phone number, and e-mail
address. Field names appear at the top of the table.
You can enter your database records directly into an
Access table or you can simplify the process by using
a form . Access forms present your table fields in an
easy-to-read, fill-in-the-blank format. Forms allow you
to enter records one at a time. Forms are a great way
to speed up data entry, particularly if other users are
adding information to your database list.
N am e : S all y 53 9
A dd re ss : 28 Ro bo t Rd ., D ro id, A I.
Ph on e #: (46 0) 2 yz89z 1
N am e: S al fly 54 0
A d d r es s : 2 9 Ro bo t Rd ., Dr oi d, AI .
P h o ne # : (4 60 ) 2 yz -8 9z 2
Reports and Queries
You can use the report feature to summarize data in
your tables and generate printouts of pertinent
information, such as your top ten salespeople and
your top selling products. You can use queries to sort
and filter your data. For example, you can choose to
view only a few of your table fields and filter them to
match certain criteria.
Planning a Database
The first step to building an Access database is
deciding what sort of data you want it to contain.
What sorts of actions do you want to perform on your
data? How do you want to organize it? How many
tables of data do you need? What types of fields do
you need for your records? What sort of reports and
queries do you hope to create? Consider sketching
out on paper how you want to group the information
into tables and how the tables will relate to each
other. Planning your database in advance can save
you time when you build the database file.
Jake 75 129
Bob 46 1 01
Bil l 44 65
John 35 62
R andy
R andy 3 5 60
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